Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thousands Arrested in Agriculture Protest in Copenhagen

From Indymedia.dk:

The Resistance is Ripe Agriculture protest started today at 12pm and has marched through the centre of town under a banner reading "Food Climate Justice, not Climate Change" [pic][video][photos]. Hundreds of people stopped outside the Netto supermarket for speeches about the importance of food sovereignty and the links between climate change, agriculture and exploitation of people.

See Timelines: Indymedia dk | Modkraft [dk | en] | Motkraft [sv | en] | La Haine (sp) | icop15 on Agricultre action

Earlier in the day activists protested at an exclusive meeting between business and government ministers organised by The Climate Group, an international lobby group who represent business interests - there were 17 arrests [see report and photos | video]

At around 4.45pm, police suddenly arrived unannounced at the Candy Factory (Boljsefabrikken) in the city's northwest district. In this space, activists from the 'Bike block' have been building bicycles for tomorrow's 'Reclaim Power' action. People inside the Candy Factory were told to leave the building while it was being searched, and then they were eventually brought back inside, into the library, and their details were taken. An activist who was in the building at the time describes the situation: "We all got placed in one room, after that the police started to search the place. People got registrated before they were allowed to leave the place. They got some kind of identification-forms, where they noted name and address, but also length, hair color and which clothes people where wearing". By 18.15 the search seemed to be over. The coach that police had brought left with one arrestee. Police then blocked off the building with red and white tape and set up spotlights onto the building. By 19.45 reports came in of police trucks taking away two bicycles as well as some computers [photos | report]. Due to this raid, an indymedia benefit party had to be cancelled.

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