Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Awesome: Arrest Warrant Issued for Livni in London

<<"The issue of the warrant - almost certainly for alleged war crimes in connection with Ms Livni's role as Israeli foreign minister - has caused intense irritation in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, amid concerns Israeli politicians are finding it increasingly hard to visit the UK.>>"

Public opinion is doing something! Now, if only we could put the pressure on in the US.

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  1. David Milliband (Labour Foreign Sec'y) condemned the court's action, which, coupled with the fact that Livni was not in Britain when the court issued the warrant, prompted its withdrawal. Both Labour and Tory MPs have spoken out against the court's action. You should qualify your statement that this is the result of "public opinion." This is the result of pro-Palestinian groups in the UK finding a sympathetic magistrate judge. The opinions of those groups represents a minority of public opinion.